West Country Lake Cell Phone

  • from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

I have know Craig for several years, of course he knew I was into metal detecting.  On June 16, 2021 he showed up at our family operated feed store.  He told me his daughter was sitting on the dock at the west country lake, she set her new iphone on her jacket.  When she got up to leave, she picked up her jacket and forgot her phone was there.  Into the lake it went.  This happened on a Friday and this was the following Tuesday.  I said I would come out and he could go in the water.  The ice had only been off the lake for just over a week.  With my arthritis, I wouldn’t  be able to handle the cold water, however, I can sit on the dock and be the technical advisor.  I set up my AT Gold for Craig and would hand it to him from the dock.  He made several loud comments about the cold water!  The water was about 6 feet deep there, and Craig had no problem viewing the display screen, with a diving mask on.  Before long he came up and said he had a 90 reading.  I said that will be the phone.  He dove down and come up with his daughters new iphone. Craig said that the phone will be replaced, but there has to be a phone returned.  The lake is about 20 minutes from our home town, on the way back to town the phone started powering up.  Soon the girls text messages were coming in.  A few days later Craig and his daughter took the phone back to the dealer and it turned out everything was 100% good.

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