Silver and turquoise ring found

  • from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

Nigel lost his ring, in a bitter mid October cold snap. He was opening the gate to his acreage and flipped the snow off his hand, then felt 2 rings slip off.  He found the smaller one of the 2, but the minus 20 temp and cold hands prevented him to dig through the snow any longer, for the other one.  This did not worry him too much, he knew he could find it in spring, he also knew me.  Nigel knew I am a member of The Ring Finders and has also accompanied me on various metal detecting outings. On Sunday evening Nigel arrived at my house, for coffee,,and mentioned he lost his ring.  I get Mondays off from work and a good old Alberta chinook was starting to blow in, I told Nigel, we will look tomorrow.  Monday afternoon we did a search and found the ring under 6 inches of snow,, took less than 10 minutes. My late Mother and Dad bought this ring for Nigel about 20 years ago, for his 30th birthday.  My parents adopted Nigel when he was 7 months old.

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