Syd Kanten, Author at The Ring Finders

Gorgeous 12 diamond engagement ring, in Red Deer found

from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from James, at noon on January 2.  James’s wife had lost her wedding band and engagement ring, in the snow, on Christmas day.  James told me he had been pouring warm water on the snow wear the rings were lost, he managed to find the wedding band.  He asked,, can you please do a ring search??  I asked my son, who is a school teacher, and still on Christmas break to accompany me.  He has a lot of experience with digging tools and a pin pointer!  We arrived at James’s address at 2:30 pm.  James showed us the area, and where he had been pouring warm water, to melt the snow.  We did a thorough search of this area, with numerous 72 hi tones, only to discover, under the landscape gravel, the filter cloth was nailed down with rust proof nails, that rang a 72 hi tone!!  Before long, my son and I ignored every 72 hi tone.  Eventually we moved further on from target area, into 10 inches of snow.  soon in the space of 5 inches, AT gold give me 3 quick tones,,, 2, 72 hi tones, and a beautiful  mid hi tone at 59.  My son and I searched through the snow, by hand, and nothing!  another pass with the detector,  I said,  we moved it!  A few seconds later, my son nailed it with the pin pointer….Gorgeous 12 diamond engagement ring!!

Lost Wedding Band…Caroline, Ab-Found!

from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)





A couple months ago, Rick came into our family feedstore, I had showed him an ad about The Ring Finders, that I had placed in a free publication and weekly buy and sell paper.  He told me, he lost his ring in his back yard 2 years ago, while playing football with his son. He had spent many hours looking for it, he even pulled all the grass, where it dropped. At the time, there was about 3 feet of snow on the north side of his house, and we agreed to search in spring.  I arrived at Ricks place, after work, he had just got off work as well.  He showed me the location, as well, I asked him many questions.  I was a little concerned when told me how many times he had cut his lawn, but I had to try and search.  Rick was very interested in the Garrett AT Gold, and asked all kinds of questions about the tones, and how did I know weather it was a nail, or ring etc.  Soon I got a hi tone, and an 81,  Rick asks, is that the ring!  I said, no, it’s a penny, and I can not leave a penny in the ground.  After searching for 1hour and 45 minutes, I got a nice mid tone at 60. 1 and 1/2 inch down was his wedding band.  Rick had given up hope of ever finding his ring, he didn’t have much hope of me finding it, esp when there was no signal, where he thought he lost it.  Rick, and his wife were very happy.

Lost Ring Sylvan Lake…..Found

from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

Hi my name is Syd, I joined The Ring Finders to help people find their lost jewellery.  If you have lost something, and need help finding it, contact me ASAP and I will do my best to help you recover what you thought was lost forever.