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Lost Wedding Ring Returned on Siesta Key, FL

Brandon and his wife were launching a kayak off of his parent’s dock when all of a sudden his wedding ring slipped off into the water. They could see the ring sitting on top of the silt and decided to try and net it with the pool skimmer. When they dipped it in the silt was stirred up and the ring sank deeper into the muck. After the water cleared the ring was gone. They got some swim masked out and tried to relocate the ring, but no luck. Brandon’s Dad searched the internet for help and found us. Brandon called and we scheduled a search for the next morning at 9:00 am. Brandon had to go to work so we met his Mom at the site and within 1 minute we located the ring and returned it to his Mother. As you can see she was very happy!!!!.


Lost Diamond Wedding Ring on Maderia Beach, FL

Dale’s wife had just left town to attend her class reunion so he decided to go for his weekly swim down at Maderia Beach. As he dove down to swim under water he felt his wedding ring slip off. He stopped right then and called someone over to stand in the place while he walked down the beach looking for a dive mask. He returned and hunted the bottom for over and hour but had no luck. He didn’t want to have to tell his wife about losing his wedding ring just when she left town so he contacted us and we did a hunt the next day. We were not successful the first time and he ended up telling his wife when she returned from her trip. As you can imagine she was not to happy with him. I scheduled another hunt at the next good tide and within an hour we had his ring. He was one happy man and I bet his wife was too.


Lost Diamond Pendant on Treasure Island, FL

Barbra was just getting ready to dive into the water for her daily swim when she noticed she was still wearing her cherished diamond pendant. She turned around on the dock and headed for her condo. As she crossed a grass area she removed the chain that was holding the pendant but when she looked into her hand the pendant was not there. She frantically looked all around the area, including the dock but could not find it. Her granddaughter had just recently moved in with her and started searching the internet and soon found  The Ringfinders. Barbra contacted us and a team went out that evening to see if they could find it. We had no luck that evening so we returned the next day with a gold nugget detector and soon found it hidden in the grass. What fun it was to see the smile on Barbra’s face when I reached up, saying it was just another piece of tin foil, and dropped the pendant into her hand.

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Wedding Band lost at John’s Pass, Maderia Beach, FL

John and his recently married wife had just returned from their honeymoon and were settling into their home together. They decided to take a break and spend a day at the beach. After they arrived at Maderia Beach and setup a spot on the beach they ventured out into the water. They were just cooling down in neck deep water when John’s wife noticed his wedding ring was missing. They tried to locate the ring in the murky water but had no luck. John’s wife found us on the Ringfinders site and contacted us. We responded the next day with a small team and in about an hour we recovered the ring. Needless to say, John was overjoyed!

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Wedding Ring Lost In Sarasota Yard

Pete Nicolai was busy cleaning the gutters on the roof when he wiped his hand against his pants to dry it off and BINGO his wedding ring was gone!!!!!!!  He heard a ping when the ring hit the ladder below him and never caught site of where it landed. He searched for the ring in the yard and surrounding bushes but had no luck. He went home and broke the sad news to his wife and then they returned and searched with no luck. A few weeks later, Pete read an article on Yahoo about “The Ringfinders” and when he went to the web site he found Michael Miller listed as a resource for finding lost items. He contacted Mike and they made arrangements to meet at the site. Doug Brozek joined Mike in the search and within 15 minutes Doug recovered the ring and returned it to a very happy Pete.

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Lost Engagement Ring Lido Beach

Mike and Alison

Diamond Engagement Ring Found

On March 12, 2013 we received a call from Debbie Ohare requesting a search for a lost ring on Lido Beach in Sarasota.

Debbie, her daughter, Alison Miller, and Alison’s husband were enjoying an afternoon on the beach when Alison realized she was wearing her wedding rings. She decided to be safe she would store them in a beach bag she had carried to the beach. When they returned to their condo a few hours later Alison looked in the bag to retrieve her rings and guess what, only her wedding band was in the bag. They searched high and low in the condo but found nothing. They returned to the beach and hunted in the sand and waited in the area in hopes that someone with a metal detector would appear. No such luck!!! The next day Debbie decided to see if she could find someone on the internet to hunt for the ring. When she discovered our club site, she contacted us and since she was south of the Skyway bridge Mike Miller was asked to meet them at the beach and do a search.

Mike searched for about 45 minutes in the area that they had been sitting without finding the ring and Alison felt it was lost forever and released Mike, but Mike was not ready to give up yet. Debbie and Alison gave up and went back to the Condo. Mike continued hunting and in about 10 minutes found the ring just one foot behind where he had initially started to hunt. Needless to say, when Mike called to tell Debbie and Alison to come back to the beach, they were overjoyed. Mike would like to thank them both again for their very generous donation and the big smiles on their faces when they saw the ring.

Debbie wrote this note to mike after reading this article:


Sounds great!!! Thanks again!! I will never forget you!! There are good people left in the world!!

Sincerely, Alison


Lost Wedding Ring St. Pete Beach

Joe Szemer, Andrew Szemer, Tom Jones, Nemo Filimonovic and Elizabeth Filimonovic

August 10 while having an SRARC board meeting, a call came in for a lost ring on St. Pete Beach. Elizabeth Filimonovic explained that she had set her husband Nemo’s wedding band on his shirt that was lying on the sand. When he picked up the shirt the ring was lost in the sand. Tom Jones, Joe Szemer, Andrew Szemer and Mike Miller went to the beach at 10:30 pm. The team got to the beach and found the ring within the first 10 seconds after the hunt started.

The following evening the ring was returned to the happy couple. Upon meeting Elizabeth and Nemo, the comment was made, “Nemo, as in Captain Nemo?” Elizabeth replied, “No, as in Finding Nemo.”

Lost Tungsten Ring Redington Beach

Doug Brosack, Stan Flack, Mike Miller, Unknown Couple and Tom Jones

The day before their 3rd anniversary, this man lost his wedding band in the Gulf of Mexico. The detecting group were on the beach to meet another couple that had lost  a platinum wedding band  the previous day. Tom Jones saw this couple thinking that they were the people he was meeting and approach them. He found out that they were not the couple he was meeting. In turn the gentleman said that he too had lost his wedding band yesterday.  The four detectorist hunted for about 45 minutes then the Tungsten ring was found.

To everyone’s surprise the couple had disappeared. 30 minutes later the lady shows up and was in tears when she learned that the ring had been found. She phoned her husband who had resolved that no one would be able to find his ring and told him to “get down to the beach now.” The couple was so happy that their anniversary weekend getaway had been saved.

After everyone parted ways Tom realized that in all of the excitement no one remembered to exchange names or contact information.

They will be remembered as the “once again happy, 3rd anniversary couple from Queens NY.”

Lost Wedding Ring Returned Redington Beach

Stan Flack, Doug Brosak, Tara McNamee, Mike Miller, Kevin McNamee and Tom Jones

After going on Tara McNamee called Tom Jones at 10:37pm on Aug 4th to tell him that her husband had lost his platinum wedding band in the Gulf of Mexico that day. Tom informed her that he had already organized a hunt for another platinum ring for the next morning at 8:00am just 4 blocks up the beach from where the ring was lost. They agreed to meet at 9:00am to start the hunt.

The next morning after finding the first ring by 8:30, the search party moved down the beach to search for the next ring. Five minutes in the water one of the searchers found the ring before the couple got to the beach. Upon arrival the couple was elated to learn that the ring had already been located. Tara said that she had prayed to St. Anthony since her father, Anthony, had recently passed away.

Whether it was good directions from Tara or divine intervention it brought back the smiles on this wonderful couple from Queens, NY.

Lost Platinum Ring Redington Beach

Mike Miller, Stan Flack, Sean Lelchuk , Tom Jones, Doug Brosak

August 4th, Sean Lelchuk found website and contacted Tom Jones with the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club asking for help finding his platinum wedding band he had lost in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that afternoon. Tom quickly called several volunteer members of the club and organized a hunt for the following morning at 8:00am.

The next morning the group met at the beach behind the resort where Sean was staying. After 45 minutes of searching the water and the wet sand the ring was located. The group came out of the water and the ring and Sean’s smile were returned.