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Baptism Cross recovered at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

On Saturday we went to Indian Rocks beach, FL. We were in the water a lot, and my girlfriend was jumping off of my shoulders into the water. After a few hours, we walked back onto the beach and left. After getting back to the hotel, I noticed that I lost my baptism cross that I always wear around my neck. We knew it had to be lost in the water. Disappointed, I assumed it was lost for good. After some conversation, we decided to do a Google search for underwater metal detecting and came across a website that eventually linked us to Stan. We contacted Stan and met with him the next day. He was persistent and patient while searching the general area of water we were in. He then asked us to recall our path out of the water the previous day. We walked the path and searched the beach, but still didn’t find it. It was then that Stan followed the same path back into the water, and after a few minutes of searching, he found the cross!

We were shocked and very thankful!  Thank you for providing us with such a great service!

cross1 cross



Tiffany’s Engagement Ring Recovered at Redington Beach

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

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My mother from Ohio was down visiting us in Tallahassee so we decided to enjoy a weekend at the DoubleTree resort in North Redington Beach, FLorida

We were playing with a little rubber ball in the water and I reached out to grab it and my rings flew off. The rings that were lost were my engagement ring and wedding band, a set that was one of the last few pieces remaining when our family closed our jewelry store after many many years in business in downtown Niles, Ohio. A community fixture, the store had provided thousands of women with the jewelry that made them happiest and meant the most. My set was nowhere near the biggest or most expensive to be given in a Leon Doubet Jewelers’ box, but it was my favorite.

My husband, mother, and tons of wonderful hotel guests tried to help find them, but a combination of the waves, kicked up sand, and sun made it impossible. My husband tried to rent a metal detector but instead was advised to contact The Ringfinders. He found Suncoast Research and Recovery Club at the site and called the number.  Stan and Mike soon arrived to save the day with their detectors and investigative skills. They pinpointed the most likely location and depth despite our less than perfect account. We could not believe it when they found it. What an awesome team!





Missing Wedding Set Recovered Treasure Island, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Jenna was getting ready to put sun block on her children so she decided it would be wise to put her wedding rings into her shirt pocket. The rest of the afternoon went great until she returned to her room and discovered her rings were missing. The family search all evening for the rings in the area of sand they had been playing in but no rings were found. On Saturday morning she contacted SRARC to see if they could help. Stan Flack and Paul Hill quickly volunteered and headed to the location on Treasure Island. After getting the story and location to focus on they went to work and within a few minutes Stan got a hit. When he looked down there the set was. Great work Stan and Paul!!!!!!!2014071995102107Ring-1

Lost Wedding Ring Brandon, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Nick was working in the yard on Sunday helping his wife Stacey to create a garden patch in the corner of the backyard. His wedding ring was rubbing his finger raw while he was using the shovel so he removed it and put it in his pocket. After working all day he finished up in the early evening and reached into his pocket to give the ring to his wife to take into the house. He pulled out everything and even turned the pocket inside out, but no ring. They searched the whole area that Nick had worked and walked in but could not find it. They Goggled the internet and found TheRingFinders, then contacted the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club. Paul Hill and Elmer Stennes hunted for about 10 minutes and the ring showed up under Paul’s coil. As is evident in the picture Stacey was overjoyed to have the ring back.



Lost Engagement Ring Lake Mango, Brandon, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Chelsea was with family and friends for an annual reunion in a small park on Lake Mango in Brandon, Florida. She had just recently become engaged and was ever so conscious of the beautiful engagement ring on her finger. To protect it she put it in the small hand purse she had with her and then went about her day enjoying all the folks who had gathered for the reunion. Disaster struck just as she was getting ready to leave the party. She looked in her purse for her ring and could not find it. She and friends looked everywhere she had been but could not find it. She left the park brokenhearted and spent a sleepless night trying to think of where it might have dropped out of her purse. The next morning Chelsea bought a metal detector and returned to the park with her fiancée Jarrod, and her “soon to be mother-in-law”, Susan and continued searching. As they searched, Susan looked on the internet and found The Ringfinders and contacted Mike Miller. Mike met them at the park and began the search. Chelsea was certain of the area where it could have most possibly could have fallen out of the purse and Mike searched that area for about 2 hours. It was hot so we took a break under a shade tree and when the break was over Chelsea decided to up out of the area and just have another look around. You guessed it!!!! As she reached the top of the bank she spotted something sparkling in the sun. It was the ring and she had found it all on her own. All of us were overjoyed and as you can see Susan and Chelsea had big smiles once again. Best wishes to Chelsea and Jerrod on their future life’s journey together.


Lost Wedding Set at Honeymoon Island

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Denny and Ashley just moved down from New Hampshire last week when they decided to take advantage of our beautiful beaches. Heading to Honeymoon Island seemed like the perfect spot. As Ashley was playing with their 2 and 6 year old children BOTH her engagement and wedding bands came off. Heartbroken she contacted SRARC and a team was established. (Howard Metts, Mike Miller, Paul Hill and Stan Flack) Taking the lead was Howard Metts…working with the Park Rangers he quickly received permission for us to hunt in the water. (normally off limits to metal detecting) Howard had worked the sand the evening before and was unable to find the rings. The team arrived just as a thunderstorm was about to hit. Within 20 mins. the lightning forced us to move to shelter. The team waited it out and 30 mins later were back at it. Three in the water and one working the wet sand. Within 10 mins Stan who was working the wet sand, signaled that the rings were recovered! Denny was astonished and elated that his wife’s rings were headed back to her. This could have been a devastating start to their new life down in the Sunshine State.

Thanks team! And welcome to Florida Denny and Ashley!






Lost Engagement Ring at Clearwater Beach, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Emily was at the beach last Saturday when a wave in shallow water knocked her engagement ring off her finger. She and her spouse had been married just this past March on this very beach.

She contacted us to help look. We organized our team (we have a volunteer ring finder group in our club ( The three of us (Tom Jones, Howard Metts and myself, Stan Flack) hunted for 45 minutes with no luck.

Then Tom started to hunt the wet sand in case it was now on shore from the low tide. When he looked down, there it was looking back at him! Yep, an eyeball find… You just never know!


Lost Wedding Ring Set at Indian Shores, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Late Saturday, April 19th, SRARC received a call from Sara Urda who had lost her wedding and engagement rings in waist deep water at Indian Shores Beach on Friday.

Considering the wind and water conditions, the decision was made to do a search later in the week when the tide and wind would allow a better search of the area. Sara was a little concerned that we could not get in there sooner. None the less she agreed.

On Tuesday the wind and waves died down and a search was scheduled. Sara and her husband Jake met Mike Miller and Tom Jones at the beach. In the meantime Jake had purchased a water detector and joined in the hunt. After 15 minutes in the water Mike Miller gave everyone a thumb’s up signal indicating that the rings which had been soldered together had been found.

Upon meeting Sara at the water’s edge she broke out in tears of happiness. She said that she would not let her hopes get too high just in case we could not find it.

mike ringphoto

Lost Wedding Ring recovered Lutz, Fl

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

When Mike Ruelf set his 22k gold wedding band down on his dock on Wednesday night, the story begins.  After hearing a plop, he realized his band was now at the bottom of the lake.  What to do…..what to do.  Surely his wife of eight months would understand……right???  He could call the jeweler and get another ring…….plead ignorance.  At least his wife was up in Virginia and not in the house.  A quick internet search for metal detectors for rental was commenced, but somehow the world wide web led Mike to the ring Finders web site.  Suncoast Resaerch and Recovery Club president Tom Jones took the call and immediately contacted Mark Prue in North Tampa.  Mark only lives about three miles from Mike and arranged to meet him Thursday afternoon.  After introductions, Mark donned his water gear and slogged his way beneath the dock.  Hampered by 8 to 10 inches of muck and weeds, up came a nail…another nail….a quarter…..a fourth nail…and finally…..BINGO!!  Mike let off an unrestrained “YYYEEEESSSSS” and high fives were shared all around.  Mike’s final words before Mark departed after a large helping of “thank-yous” was “I can’t believe there are people who actually do this!”   At least the story has a happy ending and Mike avoids the doghouse!

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Lost Wedding Band in New Port Richey

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Gary spent the day planting new plants and doing yard maintenance. At the end of the day he discovered his ring was missing. Stacy, Gary’s wife, contacted our club and Howard Metts was dispatched to attempt a recovery. Stacy met Howard and after 1 1/2 hrs of hunting Gary came home and Howard re-hunted areas he showed him as possible locations for ring.  After 2 1/2 hrs of searching and finding only some coins, Howard asked Gary (the husband) to retrace his steps as Howard knew from his wife he was in the garage.  First step was to get a hand trowel out of his tool box.  He opened the drawer to the toolbox and there sat the ring.  I was glad he found it as there was no way I could have missed it when detecting. What a good ending to a difficult hunt.

Gary1 Gary