Ring Lost In Bradenton, Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost In Bradenton, Recovered By SRARC

Gregg and Heather living in Bradenton, spent the day trimming trees, leveling ground, and setting up an above ground swimming pool in their back yard. As the day came to an end Gregg discovered his treasured ring missing. They searched and searched but with no result. After reluctantly ending their search, Heather did a search for metal detectors on the internet and up popped SRARC Ring Finders. She contacted Joe Szemer and he did a callout. Mike Miller took the call and made arrangements to meet Heather the next day. Heather laid out the area she thought the ring would be in and Mike went to work. About 15 minutes later Mike heard the clear signal and there the ring sat barely visible under a leaf. Mike returned the ring to Heather and she assured him that Gregg would be overjoyed to have it back on is finger. We did not get to see the smile on Gregg’s face, but from past experience we know it will be a big one.



2 Replies to “Ring Lost In Bradenton, Recovered By SRARC”

  1. Joan Schnuerch says:

    Lost my left hearing aid in a grassy area in Bradenton when I pulled off my mask parking on the side of 53rdAve W.
    Any chance someone could search? Joan

  2. Joan Schnuerch says:

    Looking for help in finding my hearing aid in the grassy area.

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