Ring Lost On Cortez, FL Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost On Cortez, FL Recovered By SRARC

Merry and Brian were visiting Anna Maria Island from Long Island for a
couple of months. They decided to have lunch at the Star Fish Company and
Restaurant in Cortez, Fl. After lunch they were sitting at the bar when an old
friend arrived. Merry stood up and hugged her friend and as she patted her on
the back her ring flew off and fell through the crack between the deck planks.
This was not just any ring, it was Merry’s grandmothers wedding ring handed
down to Merry’s mother and then to Merry her self just one month ago. Brian
went under the deck which is over the water and searched but could not find it.
A customer noticed what was going on and told Merry about SRARC ring finders.
Merry contacted Joe Szemer who sent a callout. Mike Miller responded and in about
10 minutes the ring was back on Merry’s finger. The customers at the restaurant
all cheered and Merry broke down in tears. We at SRARC get so much satisfaction
when we get to return a special item like this. We are ever so happy to have
recovered this heirloom for Merry.