Lost Ring Anna Maria Island, Recovered

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Lost Ring Anna Maria Island, Recovered

Kristi and Ronnie were out boating with the whole family on two boats anchored up close to the beach on Anna Maria Island near the Sandbar restaurant. They had been married in that area just one year ago. It was getting pretty hot so Kristi and a few others jumped out of the boat to cool down and then all hell broke loose!!!!! A large swell was breaking onto the shore which almost knocked Kristi off of her feet, throwing her toward the shore. As she struggled to regain her footing, she saw her wedding rings float off of her finger and disappear into the gulf. The whole family searched and searched but could not find them. When they finally had to leave, Kristi was heartbroken. Somehow they discovered SRARC Ring Finders and provided information as to where the rings had been lost. The next day Mike Miller searched with no luck in what turned out to be the wrong place. The following day, after getting more information from Ronnie,
Mike returned and was joined by Joe Borg and Nick Hall. They hunted for two and a half hours and were about to give up when Mike got lucky and found both rings about a foot apart. Kristi drove down from Tampa and met the team where they had just complete another successful hunt. When she got her precious rings back she was shaking with joy. Mike got several big hugs and will never forget the smile on her face. Way to go SRARC team.

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  1. Kristi says:

    YOU GUYS DESERVE EVERY CREDIT IN THE WORLD. I cannot thank you all so much for your efforts and you truly are a blessing. It is so nice to know people like you still exist! I had never felt like my whole world turned upside down and could not get over the loss of my rings. I appreciate you guys more than you can imagine! Thank you again so much for your hard work and efforts!!!!

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