Wedding Ring Lost and Found, then Returned on Madeira Beach, Florida

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Wedding Ring Lost and Found, then Returned on Madeira Beach, Florida

Jim was at the beach enjoying the day with his family.  He decided to go for a swim and took his ring off for safe keeping, placing it on the beach bag where they had set up.  When he got out someone had moved the bag and the ring was gone.  The family tried sifting the sand for an hour or so making 2 large piles of sifted sand and then gave up.   Not wanting to give up,  Jim’s daughter Chris googled metal detectors and came across the ring finders page where she found SRARC.  Chris called Tom Jones who then passed the information on to team member Stan Flack who was already out hunting in the area.  Stan made his way to Chris at the beach and started hunting the area the family had circled, no ring.  Then Stan knocked down sift pile #1, no ring.  On to sift pile #2, bingo to the delight of one bag moving daughter (shhh).  Chris called her dad down to the beach to share the news and smiles all the way around.

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