Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost then Found and Returned on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost then Found and Returned on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Julia joined her folks, siblings, and spouses/boyfriends in a condo on Indian Rocks Beach for the Christmas/New Years Holiday. After a week of beautiful hot weather a little wind kicked up and the chance to do a little Skim boarding presented itself. The whole gang headed down to the water with their boards and just as Julia was about to test her skills, her father warned her to take off her wedding ring. She reached for it and pulled just as her father yelled “Don’t take it off in the water”, but he was a second to late. The ring slipped out of her hand and dropped into the water and instantly was out of sight. They all looked until dark and even then got out their cell phones and searched by the light hoping they would see the ring shining back at them. It was not to be.

That evening, Julia’s sister did a search on the internet and found SRARC on the Ring Finders site. Mike Miller got a text at 10:30 pm that night asking for help. He put together a team of club members and they meet Julia and the family the next morning at 10:00 am. After spending a few minutes getting the story of what had happened and making the search area as narrow as possible the hunt began. About 30 seconds later, Rick Magyar took the first dig and there it was. The family were all amazed and we had plenty of smiles on all of their faces. Thanks to Rick, Stan Flack, Mark Sillence, and Mike for making the effort.

We at SRARC are all very happy to have made this New Year’s Eve a happy one for Julia.

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