Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost, Found, and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost, Found, and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Steve and Elizabeth Yeagley and their two beautiful  little girls Sydney and Olivia were spending the day at Clearwater Beach on vacation from Lafayette, Indiana. Steve and Elizabeth had honeymooned at Clearwater 10 years earlier and this was their first chance to show the girls a nice sandy beach and the gulf of Mexico. To give the girls some shelter from the sun they erected a canopy and thinking ahead they removed their wedding rings for safe keeping and put them into a small pocket in the canopy roof. They enjoyed the morning and the girls just fell in love with the beach.

As early afternoon approached they decided to fold up the canopy and head back to their hotel for lunch. After picking up all the toys and putting the canopy back into it’s case, they headed for their room. When they reached the showers at the edge of the beach, Elizabeth remembered they had not retrieved their rings from the canopy pocket. When they opened the pocket their rings were not there. They quickly returned to the spot on the beach where they had been sitting and someone had already spotted Steve’s ring shinning in the sand. They then searched for Elizabeth’s rings but had no luck. Steve did a search on the internet for someone with metal detectors that might help. He Found SRARC on The Ring Finders site and contacted Mike Miller. Mike was able to respond right away and an hour later met him at the beach site. After searching the entire area that Steve thought the rings would in Mike started working the path that they had used to leave the beach. Mike worked back to where they had been sitting and still came up empty. A couple had come to the beach after Steve and Elizabeth had left and had set up a sun shade right next to where they had been. They were packing up to leave so Mike waited for them to leave and sure enough within a few seconds found Elizabeth’s rings right where the sun shade was sitting. Mike got lot’s of hugs and there were a few tears of happiness as well.

We at SRARC are happy we were able to recover Elizabeth’s rings and keep their vacation a happy memory with a great story to tell to family and friends.

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