College Basketball Championship Ring returned from Clearwater Beach

Derek Claar was swimming at Clearwater beach while on vacation with his wife Ginger and children.  While swimming the gold chain around his neck which held Ginger’s 2003 National College basketball Championship ring broke.  Derek caught the chain but was not able to catch the ring as it fell into the water.  Howard Metts was detecting in the water at Clearwater Beach a week later and found what appeared to be a class ring.  At home he could read a name, Ginger Fanelli and the college name, Mount Aloysius.  Howard and his wife Jeanine googled the name and found that Ginger was on the Mounties college basketball team which won the womens national college basketball championship that year.  He also read that Ginger held a record for points scored.  Jeanine then found through the internet that Ginger had married with a new last name and was able to find a phone number to contact Ginger.  The ring was mailed back to their home in Pennsylvania.   As you can see in the photo Ginger and Derek are quite happy about receiving the ring which they thought was gone forever. Nice work Howard!!!!!!!!!

20150608_095839 Ginger ringfinder2

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