Wedding Ring Lost and Found at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Thursday Mike went to the beach on Indian Rocks for a mid-morning swim. When he got down to the water’s edge he realized that he still had his wedding band on. Normally he would leave it in the car to make sure that he did not lose it. He placed the ring in the pocket of his pants along with his keys and left them folded on the beach.

After returning from his swim he picked up the pants and walked up to the sand dunes then headed south to the walkway where he had parked. On the way he got his car keys out of the pants pocket and remembered he had put his ring in there also.  He looked for the ring but could not find it. He immediately started to backtrack his steps looking for the ring but could not find it.

He went home and started searching for metal detectors and called Myers Detector Depot in Tampa to see about renting one. Phil Myers told him to google the Ringfinders and they would be able to help.

He called Mike Miller who was on Madeira Beach and the time. Mike Miller met up with him at the location and started to hunt. After  hunting for quite some time Mike Miller questioned the location at which time Mike Muthig showed him a picture he had taken earlier at the place where he discovered the ring missing and turned out that they had been hunting in the wrong location. Mike Miller hunted the new area for a few minutes but had leave  due to time.

They called Tom Jones and set up a call out for the Ringfinders group at 6:00 pm.

Tom, Stan Flack, Paul Hill and Jerry & Debi Snyder  started a search of the area. They hunted the area several times with no luck. Not willing to give up so easy the team started hunt the rest of the path that Mike had taken and Tom soon found the ring.

Mike said that he had started to give up and felt bad that the team was still hunting. The ring was returned and Mike was happy again

ring mike group


3 Replies to “Wedding Ring Lost and Found at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery boys! Great pictures of the ring…Thanks Mike!

  2. Sandy Drapala says:

    Thank you Stan for finding my wedding band, the symbol of my long and happy marriage to a wonderful man.. You are the best Stan

  3. phil myers says:

    Good job guys! HH, phil

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