Tarpon Springs Engagement Ring Lost and Returned

Try to imagine…Engagement Ring Lost ON your Wedding Day

Elizabeth and her now husband Randy were enjoying their wedding day with many family and friends on Rooker Island off the coast of Tarpon Springs, Florida.  While the party was in full swing Elizabeth looked down and noticed that her solitaire engagement ring was gone.  She was heartbroken and cried the rest of the afternoon thinking her beautiful wedding day was ruined.
Once home she remembered seeing a post on another website about a ring that was recovered on Beer Can Island by a local area club.  Looking up the info, she sent SRARC an email on their Facebook page.  After talking to a couple of the members, a hunt was scheduled for Thursday three days after the wedding.  The hunters, Mike Miller, Tom Jones and Paul Hill arrived at 7:30 am and were taken out on Elizabeth’s boat to the barrier island to begin the search.  The team listened to all the details and came up with a plan.  The tide was coming in so they started deeper and would work their way into the shallow waters.  Expecting loads of pull tabs and bottle tops they were surprised by the lack of signals, going 10-15 mins or more without a target.  Another consultation with Elizabeth and looking at some pictures sent to her from friends the search area was narrowed way down to a 50 yd by 30 yd plot.  Mike and Paul worked parallel to the shore overlapping each other as they go.  Tom on the other hand went in and out to grid the location.  Mike and Paul made the turn and halfway back Paul picked up a nice 3 inch signal in the gold range.  Two scoops later the ring was returned to an amazed and thankful bride.  The team was so excited to have found the needle in a haystack.  Good communications and the photos were a major help in finding this ring in just under 2 hours.

Ring Paul Liz the team

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulations on making a very special day even more special by finding that beautiful ring!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Good team work again there guys! I sure wish our water was as calm as yours for recoveries!

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