Wedding ring recovered at Sunset beach, Treasure Island

Down in Florida from Illinois, Rachel and Leslie and the kids Tegan and Harley were on Sunset Beach for their wedding ceremony. Leslie had taken responsibility for three of the rings (hers, Tegan’s and Harley’s). Rachel had given her ring to one of the attendants to hold. They walked from the entry point to the Wedding arches placed on the beach. Just before stepping under the Wedding arch, Leslie handed off the bouquets to one of the attendants and the proceeded to the arch for the ceremony. When it came time for her ring presentation she discovered her ring was missing. The ceremony went on and the couple was married as planned, but the missing ring left an empty spot in the memories.

A few day’s later, Channel 10 news got wind of the event and started looking for a solution. They found SRARC on the Ring Finders site and contacted Mike Miller. On very short (1 hour) notice Mike put out a request for hunters and when he arrived at the site found Tom Jones and Chris Duerden ready to go. Jonathan Petramala from Channel 10 showed up a few minutes later and then the wedding coordinator Lisa with Tide The Knot Beach Weddings came to show us the general area where to look. We hunted hard for a couple hours with no luck but just as we were ready to give up Tom found the ring. Lisa called the couple and they came down from Clearwater to claim their ring. When they arrived there were so many smiles going around that beach it was just awesome!!!!!!!! We want to give our best wishes to the couple for a wonderful future together. We are happy we could be part of their memories.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    What a great story and I’m so glad that the news team found The Ring Finders Directory and Team SRARC…Way to go!

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