Indian Rocks Beach Wedding Band Recovery

Pete and his family came across state for a spring break vacation. On Thursday morning the whole family gathered on the house patio and Pete helped everyone get well covered in suntan lotion. The whole family walked the sandy path through the sand dunes and spread out on the beach. After spending the whole day frolicking in the sand and water they picked things up an headed back up the path to the house. When Pete set things down on the patio he noticed he no longer had a wedding ring. They tried to look for it but where to look, they had been everywhere on the sand and in the water.

That evening Pete started looking for help and found SRARC on The Ring Finders right away. He gave Mike Miller a call and Mike set up a hunt for Friday morning at 7:00 am. Luckily a large group of hunters was available. Jim and Gerri Adams, Stan Flack, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Tom Jones, and Mike headed for the beach with Pete at 7:00 am. The group spread out wit two in the dry sand and 6 in the wet sand to start. After covering the total wet sand area 5 moved into the water and 3 continued in the dry sand. After about 15 minutes in the water, Rick gave the “I got it” thumbs up sign. We all headed toward the path back to the house and Pete figured something was up and came out to meet us. When Rick handed him the ring he was a happy man. He muttered something like ” You guy’s saved my life”. I’m thinking his wife was not to happy with him losing the ring. Well there are lots of smiles now. Great Job Team!!!!


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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Great teamwork folks!

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