Clearwater Daycare Diamond Stud Earring Recovered

Vanessa was out on the playground supervising the preschool children during recess. As kids will do they were running around and having a good time chasing each other. Vanessa knelt down and one of the children run up to her and gave her a big hug. She stood up and moved to another location to keep an eye on some of the other children. Sensing something was amiss, she reached up to her ear and felt something hit her hand. She looked down and there was the back to her Diamond earring. She frantically looked for the earring and asked the rest of the staff and children to help her look. They found nothing. Vanessa went to a store and purchased an inexpensive metal detector and soon discovered that she didn’t know how to operate it. She searched the internet for help and found SRARC, She made contact with Mike Miller and he put together a team which included Rick Magyar, Ed Osmar, Chris Duerden, and  Tom Jones. They searched that afternoon until the rain ran them out. The next day they returned and hunted for another hour and all of a sudden Mike got lucky. We are so happy that we were able to find and return Vanessa’s Diamond Stud and she was nothing but smiles when we dropped it into her hand. The kicker is that in the process of hunting we found a ring and pendant that had been lost by other staff members and were able to return them as well. Great Job Team!!!!!!

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That was a great story and recoveries…Amazing what you can find when your looking for something for someone…Way to go!

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