Wedding Band Returned at Indian Rocks Beach

Howard Metts got a call from a National Geographics for the recovery of one of their camera crew’s lost wedding bands. The crew was filming reenactments of shark attacks and the cameraman was in waist deep water shooting the action when he felt his wedding band slip off. SRARC got a Ring Finders recovery crew together and scheduled a meet at the filming site the next morning. Six volunteers, Tom Jones, Howard Metts, Chris Duerden, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, and Mike Miller showed up and began the hunt. After about 30 minutes Howard Metts found the ring.

Taylor, the camera man, was extremely excited and overjoyed to have his wedding ring back. We were happy to see the joy on his face when it was put into his hand. Awesome job Howard and thanks to all who found time to join in the recovery.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go guys! Another great recovery…maybe National Geographics will do a story about you guys!

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