Ft Desoto, Florida Double the Fun Recovery

Marcus was enjoying Labor Day weekend with friends and family at Ft Desoto Park and he and a friend decided to toss the football around in the water. After a couple of throws Marcus noticed that his wedding ring was missing. He had stayed pretty much in the same place so he had one of his friends bring him some swim goggles and he started to look on the bottom for his ring. Keeping his wits about him, he had his friend stand in place so they would keep a good reference point. After a few minutes Marcus had a brilliant idea. He borrowed his friend’s wedding ring and proceeded to dive under water and set the ring on the bottom so he could see what it would look like when he searched for his own ring. You guessed it!!!!!!!  The second ring instantly disappeared and he could not find it either. So now we have two wedding rings, one gold, the other platinum lost in very close proximity. After a short while they decided that they had better establish some good landmarks and then find someone with a metal detector. Marcus contacted Ringfinders and we met him at the location the next morning. Four ringfinders, Tom Jones, Paul Hill, Mark Prue, and Mike Miller started the hunt at 9:00 am and by 9:15 am the rings had been recovered. Great work Team!!!!!!!!!. The smile on Marcus’s face says it all.

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2 Replies to “Ft Desoto, Florida Double the Fun Recovery”

  1. Mike Mc says:

    Those rings didn’t stand a chance with the great spot mark and excellent team work! Great job! And a special shout out to you Mike Miller–WTG!
    Mike McInroe

  2. Chris Turner says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better Mike! Way to got Suncoast Research and Recovery Team!

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