Longboat Key Florida Recovery

Matt came to Florida from Kentucky for an extended family vacation. He was married here and had not been in the gulf since he was married 3 years ago. On his first morning here, he walked out to the beach and began tossing a football with his brother-in-law. One pass was high and he jumped to catch it. His sunglasses started to fall off as he fell into the water so he reached to save them. He was successful in saving his sunglasses, but when he looked he saw that his wedding ring was missing. He contacted SRARC and Mike Miller responded. Five hours of hunting later out came the ring. Matt was overjoyed as well as his wife and they said Mike had just saved their vacation. Always fun to see their smiles.



2 Replies to “Longboat Key Florida Recovery”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to save the day Mike!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    5 hours hunting in the water? Wow, must have been a big search area.

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