Lost Engagement Ring Lake Mango, Brandon, Florida

Chelsea was with family and friends for an annual reunion in a small park on Lake Mango in Brandon, Florida. She had just recently become engaged and was ever so conscious of the beautiful engagement ring on her finger. To protect it she put it in the small hand purse she had with her and then went about her day enjoying all the folks who had gathered for the reunion. Disaster struck just as she was getting ready to leave the party. She looked in her purse for her ring and could not find it. She and friends looked everywhere she had been but could not find it. She left the park brokenhearted and spent a sleepless night trying to think of where it might have dropped out of her purse. The next morning Chelsea bought a metal detector and returned to the park with her fiancée Jarrod, and her “soon to be mother-in-law”, Susan and continued searching. As they searched, Susan looked on the internet and found The Ringfinders and contacted Mike Miller. Mike met them at the park and began the search. Chelsea was certain of the area where it could have most possibly could have fallen out of the purse and Mike searched that area for about 2 hours. It was hot so we took a break under a shade tree and when the break was over Chelsea decided to up out of the area and just have another look around. You guessed it!!!! As she reached the top of the bank she spotted something sparkling in the sun. It was the ring and she had found it all on her own. All of us were overjoyed and as you can see Susan and Chelsea had big smiles once again. Best wishes to Chelsea and Jerrod on their future life’s journey together.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    What a beautiful ring and smile! That happens more then one would think, the owner after a while walks to their ring and eyeballs it…It’s the find factor and by eliminating the search area it makes people think outside the box…So glad that she got her ring back!

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