Lost Ring in Green Island New York Recovery

from Saratoga Springs (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-856-332-2297

On 2/17/15, I drove out to Green Island New York to help Allie find her Wedding and Engagement ring, that was soldered together. During a fight with her husband the previous week, Allie removed her ring in spite and launched it into the backyard. In the aftermath she realized how foolish she was and began to search for the set in 18 inches of snow. After many searches were made using different techniques including pouring hot water to melt the snow she felt defeated. The ring set was insured for many thousands of dollars but did not cover loss. During a Google search of how to find a lost ring Allie stumbled across theringfinders.com directory and immediately sends me a urgent email. The next day in an hours time she is wearing her lovely ring set again. I documented the entire recovery and called the local press, two days later the Times Union published the article… See video and article


Lost ring in snow20150217_125516


Happy ending to marital spat http://www.timesunion.com/tuplus-local/article/Happy-ending-to-marital-spat-6088767.php?cmpid=email-mobile


Lost ring recovery in Green Island NY: https://youtu.be/yRcm5iVSmZA

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  1. Stan Ross says:

    Awesome ring recovery. The video is very good. It really shows the type of difficult areas we get to search. That ring could have been up against the aluminum pool or in another hiding place inaccessible with a metal detector. Beaches and wide open lawn areas are much easier searches. Good job Steven.

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