Platinum Wedding Band FOUND!!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

That afternoon I received a call from Danielle stating that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the dry sand on Waikiki Beach and if I could please help.  She also remarked that her husband was digging up the area looking for the ring and should she should get him to stop.  I suggested that stopping might be a good idea as the ring could get moved around or it might even forced deeper in the soft sands.

When I arrived Phil told me the story of how the ring became lost.  He was taking his ring off when it popped out of his hand.  That darn suntan lotion will make your fingers extra slick.  The ring was heavy and the sands light and deep.  Realizing what happened he grew understandably concerned. He had tried looking for the ring by digging around the area where he lost it but found nothing.  Never fear, his wife had everything under control and called TheRingFinders

Fast forward about 30 minutes to when I arrived with my mighty detector in hand.  I asked where he thought the ring was lost I began to search the area.  Off to one side was a pile of sand that Phil had pushed up in his searching for the ring.  I swung my coil over the sand pile and sure enough got a resounding hit.  Two scoops later and the ring was no longer lost.  My first look at the ring and all I could say was WOW!  It was a beautifully designed ring and discovered that his wife, Danielle, had designed both his and her rings and that they were here in Hawaii on their Honeymoon.  Both rings were custom designed and exceptionally well done.

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