Kaimana Beach: Ring Found!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

I received a text on Friday early in the afternoon saying I was referred  to Dylan in regards to finding a lost ring at Kaimana beach in Honolulu.  I had thought that this beach was closed due to a Hawaiian Monk Seal (endangered species) that had recently made the beach her home and had also given birth to a seal pup!  I found out that only a small portion of the beach was off limits to give Mom and Pup their privacy.  Still, with a portion of the beach closed this would make finding this ring more challenging as space it limited.

Dylan described how he had lost his ring and it was an all too familiar story.  On Thursday afternoon he went to the beach and before going swimming had rolled up his ring in a corner of his towel.  Upon leaving the water he grab the towel to dry off forgetting the ring was in the towel.  Well you can pretty much guess the rest on what happened.  Realizing his mistake Dylan returned later that afternoon with a borrowed metal detector and searched the area he had been using.   He told me that all he found was some screws and a stainless steel fork.  That’s when he texted me the next day and let me know his story of the lost ring.  I let him know that that beach was a favorite of people with metal detectors and chances were fading with each passing hour.  I immediately headed out after being texted. When I arrived the scene was as expected, the beach is a small one made even smaller by the visiting wildlife and closure of one end of the beach.  The remaining sand was literally half covered with towels and people.  I searched the best I could so as not to bother beach-goers but I was unable effectively search the sands.  I left the beach with plans to come back early the next morning.  Fast forward to 6 AM Saturday morning.  I hit the beach and the first thing I noted were drag marks in the sand made from a sand scoop.  Clearly someone had  searched this area either late last night or very early this morning.  On top of that there was also another detectorist working the shallow water as well.  All of these signs did not bode well for finding the ring but nothing ventured nothing gained I decided to give it a try and see was I could come up with.  On my second pass of the area describe to me as where the ring was likely to be found I got a solid signal on my detector and gave it a scoop.  There it was, gleaming brightly in the scoop the ring Dylan had described.  Dylan was reunited with his ring and was grateful for the recovery.  I let him know how lucky we were in finding his ring considering all the competition we were facing. Stay safe everyone!

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