Lost Ring FOUND: Sandy Beach - Oahu - Hawaii

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

Normally a client calls the ring finder and the ring finder goes out and looks for the item in question.  This recovery began with finding a ring first, then identifying the owner and doing the research so that we can return the item.  Early one morning I was relaxing at the beach enjoying the quiet (teachers are not on vacation for the summer, they are in recovery), when I came across a ring in the sand.  The ring was clearly a class ring from one of the local high schools.  Examining the ring closer inside the band was clearly written in cursive lettering the owners full name.  This has happened to me before, owner’s name plus school the ring is from plus year of graduation makes finding the individual almost a done deal.  But school had just let the week before and I was having difficulty contacting someone to help me locate this owner.  Social media is a wonderful tool, and as I mentioned earlier, I am a teacher, and I have resources within my own school.  I went to my school and when I mentioned the problem contacting the owner the ladies in my administrative offices when to work.  Using their contact lists in social media they texted their friends who texted friends who knew friends who were directly connected to the owner.  OK, it’s all a bit confusing but long story short were able to get a text message to the owner that the ring had been found along with my contact information.  The next day I get a phone call from the student saying thank you for finding her ring.  However, there was a twist.  She was on a trip to the mainland and would be gone for another week.  Well she’s back on the island and we met up earlier and she’s been reunited with her class ring!  A happy ending for everyone concerned.