Steve Wheeler, Author at The Ring Finders

Platinum Wedding Band FOUND!!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

That afternoon I received a call from Danielle stating that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the dry sand on Waikiki Beach and if I could please help.  She also remarked that her husband was digging up the area looking for the ring and should she should get him to stop.  I suggested that stopping might be a good idea as the ring could get moved around or it might even forced deeper in the soft sands.

When I arrived Phil told me the story of how the ring became lost.  He was taking his ring off when it popped out of his hand.  That darn suntan lotion will make your fingers extra slick.  The ring was heavy and the sands light and deep.  Realizing what happened he grew understandably concerned. He had tried looking for the ring by digging around the area where he lost it but found nothing.  Never fear, his wife had everything under control and called TheRingFinders

Fast forward about 30 minutes to when I arrived with my mighty detector in hand.  I asked where he thought the ring was lost I began to search the area.  Off to one side was a pile of sand that Phil had pushed up in his searching for the ring.  I swung my coil over the sand pile and sure enough got a resounding hit.  Two scoops later and the ring was no longer lost.  My first look at the ring and all I could say was WOW!  It was a beautifully designed ring and discovered that his wife, Danielle, had designed both his and her rings and that they were here in Hawaii on their Honeymoon.  Both rings were custom designed and exceptionally well done.

iWatch Found! on Waikiki Beach

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

I was enjoying some early morning at metal detecting Waikiki beach when a young lady was making her way across the sand clearly headed towards  me.  As she approached she asked me if I could help her.  She stated that the the night before she and friends were sitting on the beach enjoying their time together when it was time to leave.  She was sure that she had her iWatch with her but when she got back to her hotel the iWatch was gone.  It was dark so she decided to wait until first light to return to the beach to look for it.  She returned early that morning to the area she had lost the iWatch but was having no luck, that’s when she spotted me.  She asked if I’d help and I said sure and that I’d lend a hand.  She pointed out the area where they had been sitting and after working a grid and digging up a couple of coins I saw a watch strap peeking out of the sand.  Amanda was reunited with her watch and had a BIG smile on her face.  That was the best reward a detectorist can ever receive!

At the same time, unbeknownst to either Amanda or myself a small group of people had gathered on the wall watching our search for the missing item.  When I recovered the watch and handed the it to Amanda they erupted into cheers and applause.  I bowed and Amanda performed a curtsey.  If ever anyone needs motivation to continue providing the service the ring finders give its moments like this that make it all worth it!

Kaimana Beach: Ring Found!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

I received a text on Friday early in the afternoon saying I was referred  to Dylan in regards to finding a lost ring at Kaimana beach in Honolulu.  I had thought that this beach was closed due to a Hawaiian Monk Seal (endangered species) that had recently made the beach her home and had also given birth to a seal pup!  I found out that only a small portion of the beach was off limits to give Mom and Pup their privacy.  Still, with a portion of the beach closed this would make finding this ring more challenging as space it limited.

Dylan described how he had lost his ring and it was an all too familiar story.  On Thursday afternoon he went to the beach and before going swimming had rolled up his ring in a corner of his towel.  Upon leaving the water he grab the towel to dry off forgetting the ring was in the towel.  Well you can pretty much guess the rest on what happened.  Realizing his mistake Dylan returned later that afternoon with a borrowed metal detector and searched the area he had been using.   He told me that all he found was some screws and a stainless steel fork.  That’s when he texted me the next day and let me know his story of the lost ring.  I let him know that that beach was a favorite of people with metal detectors and chances were fading with each passing hour.  I immediately headed out after being texted. When I arrived the scene was as expected, the beach is a small one made even smaller by the visiting wildlife and closure of one end of the beach.  The remaining sand was literally half covered with towels and people.  I searched the best I could so as not to bother beach-goers but I was unable effectively search the sands.  I left the beach with plans to come back early the next morning.  Fast forward to 6 AM Saturday morning.  I hit the beach and the first thing I noted were drag marks in the sand made from a sand scoop.  Clearly someone had  searched this area either late last night or very early this morning.  On top of that there was also another detectorist working the shallow water as well.  All of these signs did not bode well for finding the ring but nothing ventured nothing gained I decided to give it a try and see was I could come up with.  On my second pass of the area describe to me as where the ring was likely to be found I got a solid signal on my detector and gave it a scoop.  There it was, gleaming brightly in the scoop the ring Dylan had described.  Dylan was reunited with his ring and was grateful for the recovery.  I let him know how lucky we were in finding his ring considering all the competition we were facing. Stay safe everyone!

Found: Waikiki Beach – Wedding Ring

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It started as a normal day.  I headed to the beach for some metal detecting and relaxation.  That day I chose Waikiki Beach and left before dawn.  I hadn’t been on the sand more than 10 minutes when Adam, a surfing instructor, came up to me and asked “do you know how to use a metal detector?”.  I was taken aback a bit but answered that “I’ve been doing this for a number of years.  He then began to explain he had lost his ring in the late afternoon the day before.  He knew the aprox. location in the dry sand he had lost his ring and after some experimentation with a borrowed metal detector he gave up realizing he had no idea how to use it.  That explained his first question to me about if I knew how to use my metal detector.  I headed to the area he indicated.  The area was small but full of a lot of trash and iron.  It took a good 20 minutes to sort out all the targets but knowing that the ring was tungsten carbide I knew it would be a lower sounding contact.  Finally I locked on to the sound I wanted, which was outside the area indicated as where it was lost.  Only plausible explanation was as it was a high traffic area the ring had been kicked outside the area we were originally searching.  Adam was overjoyed to get his wedding band back where it belongs.

Lost Ring FOUND: Sandy Beach – Oahu – Hawaii

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

Normally a client calls the ring finder and the ring finder goes out and looks for the item in question.  This recovery began with finding a ring first, then identifying the owner and doing the research so that we can return the item.  Early one morning I was relaxing at the beach enjoying the quiet (teachers are not on vacation for the summer, they are in recovery), when I came across a ring in the sand.  The ring was clearly a class ring from one of the local high schools.  Examining the ring closer inside the band was clearly written in cursive lettering the owners full name.  This has happened to me before, owner’s name plus school the ring is from plus year of graduation makes finding the individual almost a done deal.  But school had just let the week before and I was having difficulty contacting someone to help me locate this owner.  Social media is a wonderful tool, and as I mentioned earlier, I am a teacher, and I have resources within my own school.  I went to my school and when I mentioned the problem contacting the owner the ladies in my administrative offices when to work.  Using their contact lists in social media they texted their friends who texted friends who knew friends who were directly connected to the owner.  OK, it’s all a bit confusing but long story short were able to get a text message to the owner that the ring had been found along with my contact information.  The next day I get a phone call from the student saying thank you for finding her ring.  However, there was a twist.  She was on a trip to the mainland and would be gone for another week.  Well she’s back on the island and we met up earlier and she’s been reunited with her class ring!  A happy ending for everyone concerned.


Lost Ring Lanikai Beach Oahu: Found!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It began early Sunday morning with a referral phone call from another of the Ring Finders here on Oahu.  He had received multiple calls for lost items and could not possibly make them all in the same day.  He asked if I would take the call for a lost ring at Lanikai Beach on the east side of Oahu.  I was more than happy to and immediately called the client, Stewart, for the details to recover his lost wedding band.  Stewart explained that he had been tossing a football back and forth with his son on the shoreline.  Something felt wrong and he looked down at his left hand and immediately noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Yikes!  As soon as he had the opportunity to he did a bit of research and looked up and gave us a call. Not knowing exactly where the ring went missing he knew about where within 30 yards or so.

I met Stewart on the beach about noon in the general area where he and his family had been relaxing and playing the day before.  Stewart placed me in the center of the general area of where he thought he had lost the ring ranging from knee deep water to the damp sand.  Being forever the gambler I asked him if he wanted me to start to the right or to begin my search.  Stewart said lets go left, so I faced left, turned on the metal detector and tuned it for the  sand conditions and started swing the coil.  Almost immediately I hear a solid BEEP! looking as the screen it says a solid target about 3 inches deep in the sand.  So I inserted the scoop gently into the wet sand and pulled it out.  Looking in the scoop I saw a gold colored circle and immediately asked: “Is this your ring?”  Stewart looked in the scoop smiled and said “You Found It!”.  He immediately took the ring and put it back in its rightful place on his left hand.  Any further visit to the beach the ring will be on a leash.  Although the search was a short one it was great that the missing ring was found and back where it belongs.  Aloha Stewart!



Hanauma Bay – Lost White Gold Diamond Ring FOUND!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

Like any day this ring save it started with a phone call.  Janine called to let me know that she had lost her wedding band at Hanauma Bay on the south east side of the island of Oahu.  Hanauma Bay is an access controlled State Park beach and closes in the early evening.  It doesn’t re-open until the following morning.  We made a plan to meet at the entrance to the park the next morning when it opened for business.

Janine was visiting from the mid-west and came to Hawaii to visit with family and enjoy the sites.  She knew the aprox. area they were sitting on the beach and it was extremely helpful in limiting the search area.  I was using a Minelab Equinox 800 which is an excellent machine for searching the sands of any beach.  I disconnected my headsets from the metal detector she she could hear what the detector was picking up.  I told her what sound I was listening for and being that it was a recently lost item it would be a shallow and strong signal.  15 minutes into the search all we had was a handful of aluminum pieces and one penny.  Then it happened, a solid and repeatable mid-tone signal.  The reading on the screen said two inches.  I gently slipped in the sand scoop and gave it a shake and there lying in the bottom of the scoop was a white gold with a black diamond wedding band.  Janine almost burst into tears, her ring was back where it belonged, on her hand.