Ankle Bracelet Lost In Bicycle Crash Recovered in Ventnor NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Phyllis and her husband Steve were riding their bicycles on the boardwalk in Ventnor NJ when Phyllis had a crash with a jogger. She fell off her bike and sustained minor injuries and was shaken up. When she returned home she realized that her gold/diamond ankle bracelet was missing. They went back to the location and were able to find the clasp. After searching, they believed the bracelet to have fallen through the boards into the sand below. A friend told her about That’s how she found me. We made arrangements and met at the site. Underneath the boardwalk was thick with dune grass. I maneuvered my Minelab Equinox through the grass. In about 5 mins I had the bracelet in hand. I tried to hide the fact that I found it but Phyllis caught me. The ankle bracelet matched her necklace and was given to her by her husband for Valentine’s Day. She was so happy to have her heirloom back. It’s just so nice to able to reunite people with something that means so much to them that they thought might be gone forever.

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