Teamwork In Finding Lost Engagement Ring In Sea Isle City NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)


Jill lost her ring in Sea Isle City NJ. She didn’t know it but her engagement ring came off while applying lotion. She didn’t realize it till she got home later in the day. When she called, Fellow RingFinder Ed Cropski and I were in the area. We responded to where she said it was lost. It was dark when we set up the search plan. After about 2 hrs the ring was found. When we called and told her that her ring was found and safe she was ecstatic. She said that she could not believe we found it. She thought it was gone forever. The return was made days later on the same beach she lost it. Her friends and family were there to congratulate us on our work. Ed and I have worked together on many returns and will continue to do so in the future!!!

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