Heirloom Retrieved From Under Dock In The Bay

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)



Sharon was photographed while lying on the dock in Atlantic City NJ. On her necklace was her deceased father’s wedding band and Italian horn pendant. The ring must have slid in the space of the boards. When she got up she felt it break. She caught the chain but the ring and horn fell into the water. I was very skeptical while responding. It was raining hard all morning and I was not only concerned for the depth of the water but the thick muck underneath the dock. When I got there I met her husband Vito. He’s an awesome dude. The rain stopped and the sky cleared. Vito removed the boards from the dock. However, there were more boards and pontoons underneath leaving very little work area. There was 4 feet of water over top the mud. I used the trusty ole Minelab 800 with a 6” coil. I lowered it into the small area. Almost immediately got a solid 15 signal. Could it be? And how was I gonna get it out. I twisted and turned my T-Rex scoop to get it under the dock. Vito held the coil in place while I worked the scoop. The first attempt yielded nothing. On the second attempt I snagged a hose that was under the deck. Could it have been a hose coupling that gave me that signal? Again I located the signal. Vito held the coil while I scooped up the disgusting smelly muck. The scoop was full of muck, sticks, leaves and mussel shells. I felt through it with no luck. I got a hose and started spraying everything down. While I was spraying inside the scoop I saw the glimmer of gold. I was shocked to see the ring in the scoop. I really couldn’t believe it. Vito couldn’t believe it either. When I showed Sharon she was in shock. For me this was an accomplishment. Something I’d never done before. I tried to locate the horn but was unable to. Sharon was so happy to have the ring back. I gotta throw kudos to my mentor Ed Cropski who taught me days earlier how to work in the mud and gave me great advice on how to successfully recover this ring.

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