Information Was The Key To This Successful Ring Find

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Matt lost his ring in the ocean at Sea Isle City NJ. Wanting his heirloom back he called John Favno who contacted me. Knowing that Matt could not be there when I searched, he followed my instructions to assist me in getting me as close to the point of loss as possible. At low tide the next day I was easily able to get to the location. After conducting a grid search I located the ring in the water. Since Matt was not on location I contacted him by video conference. I surprised him by showing the ring on the screen. You can see the smile on his face when he realized that his heirloom would be returned to him. The last photo is of me returning the ring to his sister who would be getting it back to him. I enjoyed the challenge of the search and the thrill of finding this ring for Matt!!!


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