Lost Wedding Ring Found In Margate NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)


Recovery #11

Austin met me on the beach a few weeks ago while I was detecting. I gave him a card and said if he ever knew anyone who needs a recovery have them call me. Well, little did he know he would need my service. He called and asked if I could come to Margate to locate his ring that he dropped in the sand where he was sitting. When I got there he outlined an area of where the ring could be. He was pretty much on spot because I turned my Minelab Equinox on right over top of his ring. Boom!! Had it in less than 15 seconds. He was happy and surprised to have his wedding ring back!!! I have a feeling he’s gonna refer me to the next person he knows who loses something. 😎😎

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  1. Austin Palmnetieri says:

    I can’t thank Steve enough for his amazing service. I have worked on the ACBP for 8 years now and have seen plenty of metal detector people but never have I spoken to them until this summer.
    Steve was searching around my beach (Columbia Place) and needed to take a break. He asked us to watch his stuff and we ended up chatting for a little bit. He told us about his recent finds and the people he has helped and even left his card with my stand partner. Little did I know, that card would come in clutch.
    Only two weeks later I lost my wedding ring (only 15 months old) on the beach in Margate. I thought I would never see it again but then I remembered Steve. My stand partner still had the number so I gave him a ring (no pun intended).
    Steve immediately picked up and told me he would hop in his car and drive the 40 minutes straight to me. I waiting patiently on the beach just hoping it would turn up. Once he arrive I directed him to the area I was sitting at the day before and he promptly (less than 30 seconds) located the ring!
    I was so elated and grateful for this great guy! I tried to reward him as best I could but he would only accept so much. Please consider Steve for any future lost items, he was a pleasure to work with.
    And I will definitely view the metal detector people differently when I see them next summer.

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