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Reunited With Wedding Ring at Playground in Haddonfield NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Just had the opportunity to reunite Michelle Mader with her lost heirloom, A gold wedding band with diamonds. A tip led me to a park in Haddonfield NJ where she lost it on Saturday. Using my Minelab Equinox 800 with “15 coil in Park 1 mode, I lowered the sensitivity and backtracked her path. Solid ground and tall grass made me believe it was still on top of the ground. About 15 minutes in as I swung and got a strong 9 reading I looked down and there it was. Needless to say she was sooo happy. A big smile came across her face. Doing ring returns have got to be the best part of this hobby for me!!!


Engagement Ring Recovered in Brigantine NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

I had the privilege to meet Kerry and her husband Kyle and return her engagement ring to her. All three were happy to see their heirloom that they thought was gone forever. Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity!!!

Engagement ring found after 6 days on the beach in Brigantine NJ

I received an email from a woman who had lost her engagement ring in Brigantine NJ over the Memorial Day weekend. She took her rings off to apply sunscreen and placed them on a towel. When her husband moved the towel the rings dropped into the sand. They were able to locate the wedding band but were unsuccessful in locating the .75k solitaire diamond set in platinum. They even had a friend search with a metal detector.

She thought her heirloom was gone. A few days later a friend mentioned the which is how she came to contact me.

I went to the beach and conducted an intense and thorough search of the area with my Minelab CTX 3030. The results were negative.

Believing the ring to still be there I went on Saturday with my Minelab Equinox. I was accompanied by fellow Ribgfinder John Favno. After six steps I located the ring. Strangely, there were still marks from where I searched the day before. Did the CTX not read the ring? Did I just barely miss swinging over it? I’ll never know. What I do know is by going back with the Nox, I was able to find it.

I texted her a picture of it and waited. A while later she called and was ecstatic that her heirloom would be returned to her. We have arranged the return for next week. Those pics will be posted. 

Wedding Set Recovered in Ocean City NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

A Sunday to remember

Recovery on the beach of New Jersey

I received a frantic call today from Danielle. While spending the beautiful day at the beach in New Jersey she lost her engagement ring and wedding band. 

She had taken her rings off to apply sunscreen and she put them in the pocket of her jump suit. While she was in the water, she took her jumpsuit off. Her husband David brought it to their towel up on the beach. 

It wasn’t until she got home an hour away did she realize they were missing. She went online and got my phone number. 

I told her I was not far away and would respond immediately. Her husband David was on his way also. 

I met with David on the beach. He pointed out where they had their towel and umbrella. I had guessed the rings to be in the water but started in the sand first. Using the Minelab Equinox 800 I located the engagement ring first. The look on David’s face was priceless. He was in shock. I said “well, at least we got the expensive one first”. Approximately 4 feet away I located the wedding band. David was ecstatic. He called his wife and gave her the good news. 

I was really happy to be able to reunite them with their heirlooms in their time of need. 

Lost Wedding Ring Found In Margate NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)


Recovery #11

Austin met me on the beach a few weeks ago while I was detecting. I gave him a card and said if he ever knew anyone who needs a recovery have them call me. Well, little did he know he would need my service. He called and asked if I could come to Margate to locate his ring that he dropped in the sand where he was sitting. When I got there he outlined an area of where the ring could be. He was pretty much on spot because I turned my Minelab Equinox on right over top of his ring. Boom!! Had it in less than 15 seconds. He was happy and surprised to have his wedding ring back!!! I have a feeling he’s gonna refer me to the next person he knows who loses something. 😎😎

As Seen On TV

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)



Thank you Action News Channel 6 WPVI Philadelphia PA for airing the story of my ringreturn for the couple  celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in Atlantic City. This is Posted in 2 parts. Thank You Very Much for viewing.

Married For 2 Months Husband Loses Ring In The Surf

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #10

Received a call from Jared who was Recently married like 2 months ago. He was frantic because he just lost his platinum wedding band in the surf while boogie boarding in Margate. I responded immediately and met him on the beach. It was full high tide but I went in anyway. I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen. The waves were over my head and I couldn’t even get the coil down. Jared’s mom and two sisters were there. His mom kept asking if I thought I could find it. I said I was going to come back at low tide a give it my best shot. Low tide was 2 am and I got there at 12 am. I grid from the top of the slope down into the water. I had grid for a while finding a few coins along the way. I started to worry but then BAM! A solid 13 on my Minelab Equinox. I said “Please don’t be another nickel”. But the tone was slightly different and the ring flopped out onto the sand. 

I called Jared and told him I found his ring. He was in disbelief. He came down with his family including his mother. She immediately stated that she lost a bet against me finding the ring 🤪. His wonderful sisters said they knew I would find it. 😎 His wife was asleep. Jared was more than happy having his ring found and said his wife will be happy when she hears. Thank you for contacting me as it was not only my pleasure to reunite you with your heirloom but to meet you and your family and share a few laughs. 

Ring Recovered on Couples 1st Anniversary with Video

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Matt who was referred by John Favno. Matt lost his very expensive wedding ring in the surf at Atlantic City. Realizing low tide and dark was coming in about an hour I rushed to the beach. Matt was unable to meet me but sent a screen shot of a satellite picture mapping the area. He said it was high tide and he was about waste deep when he lost the ring. So I went out at about chest high in the surf. I work my way in with the tide. After about an hour and a half I got a solid 15 on my Equinox. Then out popped this huge gold ring. I knew this had to be it. I tried it on and it was too big for my sausage link of a finger. I was like, wow this guy is huge!!! Ok so now I got his ring and guess what this gets even better. He told me he was in AC celebrating their 1 year anniversary. I just couldn’t make this easy for them! 🤔🤔I had an idea! I had them meet me in a parking garage because it started to rain. The parking attendant Lana gave me permission. When they arrived I told them I’d have to come back and try again tomorrow. I said I wanted to do a video to set up the find. I asked them a bunch of questions and then asked him to describe the ring. As he did I pulled the ring out and said “is this it?” Both Matt and his wife Tina were shocked and ecstatic. Even Lana came over for a big hug. Happy Anniversary Matt and Tina. 

I’ve tried to upload a great video of the event but it’s too large. It should be posted on and is definitely posted on my Facebook page

Recovered keys in Cape May NJ

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #8
Got a referral from fellow Ringfinder Ed Cropski to find lost keys in Cape May today. I spoke to Tim who said he lost his keys in the sand on the beach. I promptly responded to the area and met with him. Tim thought that his keys must have fallen from his pocket while walking off the beach. Using the Minelab Ctx 3030 I used his spare set to get an idea of how the others would sound. After about an hour search of the area the keys were located on the pathway from the beach to the road. With the replacement costs of key fobs being as high as they are, Tim was more than glad when his keys were recovered.



Recovered $4000 Earring Ocean City, New Jersey

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

I received a frantic call from a woman who lost an earring valued close to $4000. I responded and met with her on the beach. She explained that she just came out of the water and while walking up to her beach chair she felt the earring hit her chest before disappearing in the sand. She was frantic and afraid she had lost it forever. After calming her I asked for the other earring to test it on my Equinox. The Equinox easily gave a clear signal of the 1 karat  diamond earring. I told her not to worry and began my search. I almost immediately located the gem in the sand. She was so happy and grateful that it had been recovered. Her mind was at ease as she secured them in her purse. I gotta say the Equinox is proving itself to be a valuable machine on the beaches of New Jersey.

Ring Recovery #6

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Wedding ring recovered in Ocean City NJ. I got a call from fellow ringfinder John Favno asking if I could attempt a recovery in Ocean City. I went there and battled the surf and 4 ft waves to take the ring back from Davy Jones locker using my Minelab Equinox and my T Rex scoop. The owner was quite surprised and happy to have their heirloom returned.