Wedding Ring Found in Ft Wayne Indiana

  • from Huntington (Indiana, United States)


I received a call this morning from a woman named Sonia who needed help finding her wedding ring.  The phone number was from out of town and I almost did not take the call.  After a short story about who, what, where and when I was on the road a few minutes later.

After arriving at the location where the ring was believed to have been lost I contacted the school administrators office to inform them of my presence.  One of the ladies from the admin office escorted me to the area and told me I was welcomed to start looking as we waited for Sonia (the ring owner) to arrive.  I found a few coke can pull tabs and a half dozen coins but no wedding band.

After Sonia arrived and told me where she believed I might find the ring, it was only minutes later when I got a good solid tone on my Silver Sabre and uncovered her beautiful ring.  What a beautiful ring it was too.  I forgot to take some pictures of the recovery but Sonia shared one with me later.

What a happy day it was for everyone involved.  Thank you Sonia for calling me and giving me the pleasure of helping you find your ring.  I am so glad I was able to find it for you.

Best Wishes in the future and God Bless

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