Lost Wedding Band - Southern Indiana FOUND

  • from Huntington (Indiana, United States)

I’m happy to report another keepsake recovery here in Indiana today.  Yesterday I received a text from a guy who was pretty upset after losing his wedding band during a pool party.  I was hesitant to comply with his request to help due to the distance involved between us.  He informed me that he had sought the assistance of the local Ring Finders but was unable to reach them due to vacation time and other commitments.  I could tell he was very anxious about the loss and he really wanted help so I agreed to meet with him and find his ring.

After about 50 minutes of searching the area, the wedding band was recovered and Scott Caulfield of Westfield Indiana was one Extremely happy camper.

I’m so happy to be a part of the Ring Finders and to be able to share these special moments of extreme joy with those who are rewarded with a recovery.  Kudos to Chris Turner for bringing this venue to the benefit of literally thousands of happy people around the world.

OH….and by the way….Scott’s wedding band has a inscription on it…..it says….”What a Wonder World”

God Bless


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  1. Scott says:

    I can’t thank Steve enough for taking the time to come down and help me out. I was doing a good job of joking it off to friends, but internally, I was really distraught over the loss of my wedding band. As mentioned above, the first song at our wedding was “What a Wonderful World”, and my wife’s ring is engraved with “And I think to myself”, and mine is engraved with “What a Wonderful World”.

    It was silly because the whole time I was playing volleyball in the pool, I knew my ring was loose, and even thought a few times that I should take it off. A few months ago, it fell off while playing basketball, and I was shocked how far it went. Once I noticed the ring was gone during volleyball, I knew it could be a good distance from the pool.

    I really had a good feeling for where in the grass it would be. Steve and I checked that area first, and I knew we would find it within 5 minutes. I did hear a sound right away, and got very excited, only to find a flashlight we had left in the grass from our night-time search the night before.

    That wasn’t the case, and after about 30 minutes I was honestly starting to lose hope. Steve was fantastic and keeping me upbeat and positive. I finally decided to try the area of the pool farthest away from where I was, when I thought I lost it. In 2 minutes I heard that sound again, and looked down and saw the ring. What a feeling!

    I can’t thank Steve enough for taking the time to help me find my ring. Also thanks to everyone who keeps this site running and provides this service for others. Really makes me want to take up the metal detecting hobby.

    I have already ordered a silicon ring, and don’t plan to be a repeat customer! 😉

    Thanks! It truly is a Wonderful World!

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