Lost Ring Found In Edmonds, Washington! Heirloom Ring, a Gift From a Loving Mother To Daughter Reunited! A Happy Day in the Seattle and Puget Sound Area!

from Seattle (Washington, United States)

Lost Ring Found in Edmonds, Washington. A happy Father Daughter as lost heirloom ring is reunited with daughter! (Seattle / Puget Sound area)

It was a beautiful spring day here in Puget Sound. We got a phone call from a worried dad. His daughter had lost an heirloom ring, a gift from mom. They had spent hours looking in the field with no success. Dad had successfully found the best help available! www.theringfinders.com

I made arrangements to meet at the field at 9:00 AM. As I pulled in the parking lot I could see the concerned look on “dad’s” face. I showed him the 2 detectors I brought and explained to him that for the work at hand there could be no better equipment.  He explained to me what had happened and where. He had gotten there earlier and had an actual flag grid set up, probably 100 by 80 feet. I asked him a few questions and proceeded to start the search in the most likely quadrant. After searching probably half  of the designated area I could see that “dad” was getting apprehensive.

I explained to him that the detector would pick up the ring if it was there! That was reassuring. He needed something to do so I gave him a pin pointer and he helped me by searching the hits I was getting in the field.

Just 2 hours into the search mom and daughter show up. Mom explained to me where she thought the loss may have occurred, which was within the area “dad” had designated. I continued a very careful and calculated grid search.  Sarah the daughter was now helping her dad with the pin pointer. A younger set of eyes always helps!

I was about 30 feet away from them when the detector sounded a good solid hit. Looking down I could see a gleam in the grass! Could it be the lost ring? Yes! I picked it up and told Sarah, I have got it! I found your ring!

There were no words, just a huge look of relief, happiness and thankfulness in her eyes. She ran over with her dad and both looked at at me with relief and joy! There were hugs all around and cheers!

As you can see in the photo Sarah and her dad are very happy with the fact that I was able to relocate this ring with such high sentimental value! What a great feeling for everyone! We all went home with smiles of joy on our faces! I was very happy and thankful to be able to locate the ring for them. That feeling is a feeling unlike any other! And you can only imagine how they felt being reunited with a precious gift given in love!

What a day!

Kind Regards,
Steve Gill

We "did" make them happy! And we loved it!

3 Responses to “Lost Ring Found In Edmonds, Washington! Heirloom Ring, a Gift From a Loving Mother To Daughter Reunited! A Happy Day in the Seattle and Puget Sound Area!”

  1. Tony Shere says:

    Great find Steve !

    I’m constantly amazed by people’s genuine reaction to having their rings returned.



    • Steve and Toni says:

      Hi Tony,
      Yes it was nice being able to help these folks! Another great feeling came when we donated 10% of the reward to Seattle Childrens Hospital. A great cause that is helpful to the community! We always look forward to our next call!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hello my name is Trevor I am a fellow metal detector of the Edmunds Lynnwood area have found many relics my mom dropped three diamond rings in the backyard before there’s construction in the yard was buried up now it’s all wood chips I have a Garrett 150 I am very interested in getting help I’ll pay them as well

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