Ring Recovered Dublin Ohio

  • from Columbus (Ohio, United States)

Jennifer Lester



One evening we were playing catch with our sons in the backyard.  I grabbed my son’s mitt to use instead of going to get mine in the garage.  It was a little small so I took my rings off and put them on other hand.  After we were finished, I was standing by our patio and took off the glove and proceeded to put my rings back on.  As I was passing them to my other hand, I realized that I dropped my wedding band from the set.


I knew it fell straight down so we all began searching.  The grass in the backyard is really thick, but we knew the general location so it should not have been a problem.  I was wrong and after about 2 hours of searching, we ran out of daylight.  I called my neighbors, and they came over with a metal detector (that was very old) and we got out some flashlights.  Still no luck after another hour of searching.


I resumed the search in the morning and my husband went and bought a new metal detector.  We tried using the metal detector for a few hours, but we are definitely amateurs.  I knew the ring could be replaced, but I have had it for 22 years and hated the thought of knowing that it was sitting somewhere in our yard.  I was getting pretty grumpy about the whole situation and started looking up tips for finding lost rings on Google.   This was where I stumbled upon the Ring Finders website.  I did not even know that this was a thing!


I decided to give it a try and sent a text to someone who was near our area.  I did not expect to get a response, but I was wrong again.  Within 15 minutes Stephen had responded and was one his way.  Once he arrived, he was able to locate my missing ring in no time at all!  The ring had been down all the way in the dirt.  It was amazing at how fast the whole process happened.  Stephan was very knowledgeable and even gave my husband a quick lesson on the metal detector he bought.  I would never hesitate to contact him again if I lost an important item.  I was truly amazed and appreciate his help so much!

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