Jackie's Phone Recovery,,,,,Just Awesome

  • from Columbus (Ohio, United States)

On Saturday, July 18, I planned on going on a pontoon with work friends at West Branch in Ravenna, Ohio. I had everything planned. All the food I was bringing, the clothes I’d wear, the music I would play, the photos I’d take with my new selfie/tripod stick, and I even planned a bike ride prior with my friend V, who was riding on the pontoon too. The only thing I did not plan on was my phone and tripod falling into the lake.

After the bike ride, I drove to the marina to meet my coworkers on the pontoon. Before climbing aboard, I set up my phone on the tripod on the dock so everyone could be in the photo. For whatever reason, a gust of wind decided to hijack the picture by forcing my phone and tripod to do a pike dive off the dock and into the water. We all looked on in total shock. Silence. Like what the hell did we just witness? I ran to the back of the boat reaching my arm into the water to get it, but it was too late.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a phone before, but it’s one of the most debilitating feelings. You can’t get ahold of anyone; nobody can get ahold of you; you can’t take photos or view past ones; you can’t get directions; you can’t ask Siri or the internet a question; then you panic wondering when the last time was you backed up your phone; and now you have to explain to your family, friends and job you’re completely cut off! Oh what terrible feelings!

After putting those God-awful feelings on hold so I could enjoy the pontoon ride with my coworkers, I decided I’d research some scuba divers as soon as I got home. I found many who only did shallow water dives and wondered if it was possible to find one who went deeper. Then I came across Stephen’s profile who mentioned having done a 22-foot dive finding a ring and has gone as deep as 60 feet. This was my guy.

I emailed Stephen Sunday morning and he got back to me a little after noon. He said he needed to gain permission from the park to scuba dive and also needed to rent a tank. He gave me a fair price and I decided to hire him.

Monday night, he emailed me saying, “Looking at Thursday around noon.” I then followed up with an email showing him exactly what the tripod looked like, the type of phone and the Otterbox case it was in.

Fast forward to Thursday at noon. Stephen arrived early with his wife and grandson setting up for the dive. I had every bit of faith in Stephen that he would resurface with the phone attached to the tripod. I actually wore a shirt that said, “Believe” because I “Believe that Steve” could do it! At 12:35 he made his descent. Twelve minutes later, we hear the water break and see that he made it back – tripod and phone in hand! My jaw dropped. Holy cow he did it!

I want to thank Stephen for everything he did to get my phone back. He really went above and beyond for a total stranger who randomly emailed him out of the blue. Stephen acted quickly, knowing a phone can’t be in water long if we’re hoping to recover it. He contacted the park right away getting permission. He looked for scuba shops where he could reserve his tank. He kept me in the loop the entire time, communicating updates as they became available. He made the two-hour trek to Ravenna so he could reunite me with my phone. And he did this all with a smile and positive attitude. Stephen was kind, supportive and patient with me the entire time. I couldn’t have worked with a nicer guy and am truly grateful to have met him. If you ever lose anything in the water, Stephen is the man you want to hire.