Lost ring Near Columbus Ohio Found in 22 feet of water at Alum Creek

  • from Columbus (Ohio, United States)

Hello there, my name is Steve Adams and I have joined The Ring Finders to help folks get back what they thought was lost forever. Linda was able to get her ring returned that was lost while getting into a boat. Her husbands hand slipped on her hand while helping her into the boat, and plop, the ring sunk to the bottom. Through mutual friends I was contacted and with help from another diver, we found the ring during the first dive. They knew right where it went into the lake and put us right on it. I am a NAUI Certified SCUBA diver, so I can aid in recovery of just about anything from a ring, fishing rod, up to an outboard motor. Recovery of items needing a scuba dive are on a negotiated fee. Please feel free to call me for land or water recovery’s.