Found Ring Ottawa

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written it’s been quiet concerning ring searches. On the 9 th of May Rainier sent me a text requesting my help finding a ring he had lost. I told him I was going to be there in the morning. Rainier and his son Lucas were walking across the park to get ice cream and while grabbing something from his back pocket ( his ring was in his back pocket) he pulled out his money, but the ring fell out without him knowing. Once he realized he lost his ring he search frantically without finding it. He looked up on google and found the ring finders. Once we talked and made arrangements I was there the next day. I did a grid search and looked for a few hours but without finding it. It was hard to swing the coil for there was a lot of branches, trees toppled over, and high grass because of the bad storm we had received. Knowing of what to expect I knew I might need help so I reached out to my fellow ring finder Laurie and Eric to help me out. I met with Eric on June the 8 th to look for the ring. To my surprise the park had been cleaned well, branches and trees removed from the area of my grid search. Eric and I started to grid search after I did my first wal. Eric went beside me and shortly within 20 minutes he found the ring. Now the ring was given to Rainier from his brother after going to Cappadocia. The ring had a huge sentimental value for him. He was extremely happy when the ring was given to him. I absolutely love being a ring finder. If you know of someone who lost a ring look up the Ring Finders and you’ll find me in the Ottawa/ Gatineau area. Have a great day everyone.

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