Found Heirloom Ring in Gatineau

Good morning everyone here’s an incredible story for everyone to read. On July 25th Rob and his girlfriend Maria Helena were swimming at a beautiful beach in Gatineau.  While enjoying the swim Rob felt his ring slip off his pinky and into the water. Please note that this is a family heirloom ring that he holds dear to his heart.  The ring has a family crest on it and a written in Latin says ( to save lives everyday). Rob is a paramedic.

Rob and Maria Helena searched frantically in the water for more than 4 hours. When they couldn’t find it they went on Facebook and wrote a note on the Metal Detecting  Ottawa site. They were sent to a fellow detectorist but he lived to far away. Stephane the detectorist sent Rob and Maria to me. After a phone call I made arrangements to meet at the beach to start the search.

Now once in the water it became extremely difficult to do my ring search I was thrown all over because of the waves. It what extremely windy and pinpointing a target was difficult when the waves are pushing you all over. We agreed that I would return very fast as soon as the weather was nice. A couple of days later the weather was finally beautiful.When I arrived at the beach I was happy for the water was calm. I started my grid search and within 45 minutes a nice glitter of gold appeared in my scoop. I love metal detecting it’s my passion but most importantly I love to watch the reactions of the people when I give them their jewelry that I’ve found. Their reaction… it’s priceless it’s like as if they haven’t seen a family member in years.

If you know anyone who’s lost a piece of jewelry don’t hesitate to call a ring finder. I love it and I’m a proud member of the Ring Finders. Take care of yourself and each other.


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  1. ****Happy Ending***

    A big thank you to Stephane for helping us find this ring which was not only a family heirloom but also a meaningful event in a global pandemic.

    My partner Rob (the cute ginger in the photo) was heartbroken since the weekend when he felt this ring slip off in the water at Aylmer beach. He was soooo happy that the ring was FOUND!!!

    This ring was not just a family ring but his ring also had a personal engraving of a motto that he holds dear to his heart: “to save lives everyday” (in Latin). He is a trained paramedic, ex-military medic (7 years) and now embarking on a new job working with the Red Cross, on the front lines of this pandemic; in long term care centres where the military had gone in to manage the pandemic and where the Red Cross is now taking over the work.

    He is and will be saving lives everyday!!!I’m so glad that recovering the ring is a reaffirming of this important promise and a meaningful moment for this front line health care worker (who saves MY life everyday!!).

    Thanks to Stephane, Ottawa Metal Detecting and Ringfinders for helping us recover this meaningful family heirloom and personal item.

    We were especially happy that rewarding Stephane meant supporting his family and he likes to donate some of his reward to Trait-d’union, a local Outaouais organization that supports autism. Basically a win-win!!!

    Thanks Stephane for being our hero on this one 🙂


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