Found Wedding Band Montreal Longueuil

Good morning everyone,

I received an email and a text from Sacha. Sacha needed a ring finder and he found me using the ring finders directory. This morning while putting trash in the trash container his hand was full of snow and to get rid of the snow off his hand he flicked his hand and of course he felt his wedding band come flying off his finger.

All of a sudden he heard a tinging sound and by the time he turned around he couldn’t see where the ring had landed. There’s fencing separating his property and his neighbour property. Picture the letter t but upside down  _|_  .   So the left sideq would be Sasha’s property and the right side it would be the neighbours property so underneath the T you have open space which is basically the neighbours and Sasha’s property together.

I shovelled snow and with the detector a basically scanned the snow.  I was having problems because of the fence and causing a lot of false signals. I went around the house into Sacha’s side of the property scanned the snow and received false signals again because of the fence I then went into the neighbours property and started to scan the snow I was receiving some signals but because I was really close to the house I knew it was probably because of piping or electricity. I was a little bit away from the fence. I ajusted the metal detector and rescanned the snow But this time I receive a nice strong signal and used my pinpointer and pinpointed towards the sound. I grabbed a hunk of snow and I felt the ring in the palm of my hand.

That feeling you get when you know that you’ve found a ring and you know that you’ll see that person become all happy and ecstatic and crying and filled with emotions I knew that it was coming in the next few seconds. I made my way around the neighbours yard to put away my equipment in the trunk of my car. I made my way towards the door and rang the doorbell, once the door was open I asked him if I can come in and talk with him. I explained to him that my search was over and that I had only found this one item. I pulled out his ring and showed it to him. What he did next what just yelled out his happiness  inside the house, scared the dog, and he had a huge smile  from ear to ear, he was shaking and he came down the stairs and gave me a huge hug.

If you know someone who has lost a piece of jewellery go on the ring finders website and look up the directory and look for the closest ring finder living close to you.

Thank you for trusting the ring finders. Please take care of yourself and each other.

My Kindest Regards

Stephane the Ring Finder



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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Looks like you have been busy. Keep it up.

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