Ottawa Found Wedding Band

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog. It’s been quiete quiet. I will work 110% to blog more. I absolutely love being a member of the Ring Finders. On the 2nd of June I received an email from Sandra, saying that her husband Eric had lost his wedding band playing soccer. A few days later i met up with Eric at the soccer field and showed me around. The search was on. Fast forward to a few weeks ahead my search continues but was limited to bad weather and the occupation of the field. On sunday morning July the 9th within 45 minutes i found 2 gold wedding bands identical to each other but different sizes. Fast forward to today July 23rd i meet up with Eric and Sandra at their home. I showed Eric the two wedding bands. The 1st ring to big. 2nd ring perfect fit. I love doing ring searches. The reaction of the people when you show them their lost item…their reaction is like they’ve not seen a family member in years.. its priceless. Thank you to Eric and Sandra for trusting the Ring Finders service. If you have lost a ring or other sentimental item of value or you know someone who has… trust only the best.. im StĂ©phane Philippe from the Ring Finders service located in Ottawa/Gatineau. Have a wonderful day everyone.




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