Ring found Spencerville / Trouvé Bague Spencerville

Something happened to Darryl on friday the 11 th of November, that all of us wished it never happens, he lost his wedding band on a hunting trip.  Darryl knew someone with a metal detector and decided to try and look for it, but did not find it.   Saturday Darryl wife gave me a call when she found my contact information on Google.  We made arrangements to meet up, where Darryl had hunted the deer. To make sure he didn’t lose his ring he removed his ring annd watch while cleaning out the deer. I scanned the area from the area that the deer was cleaned to the road. Nothing. darryl then told me he took a break and sat down to relax near a fallen tree on the road, I scanned the area. Nothing. Then he told me that he loaded up the deer in a certain area on the road into the ATV. I scanned the area and then BINGO ! I received a strong hit, there it was an eyeball find the beautiful wedding band. I tricked Darryl knowing that I hunt was done…to present him the ring. He was one happy hunter ! I LOVE my hobby and passion ..metal detecting. If you anyone who has lost a ring either yesterday or last year or 10 years ago ! Give me a call 819-332-3116 and ask for me Stephane. 2010 Ring Finder of the year !

I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit www.whiteselectronics.com for great detectors and accessories.