Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at Santa Monica Beach .. Found by RingFinder Member

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Sam called me after losing his ring in the sand at a Santa Monica Beach. His gold wedding ring came off his finger as he brushed sand off his pants. It disappeared into the sand instantly. He and members of his group spent sometime trying to find it by digging with their hands.

Sam realized that this was not working. He went to the internet finding TheRingFinders and my contact information.

When he called me, I told him we had a very good chance of finding his ring if they could say at the location. 

Sam was there on the beach when I arrived. The area was very small, probably less than 15 ft. square. A few quick swings with my metal detector, the right tool to find rings in the sand. We had Sam’s gold wedding ring in my sand scoop.

You could see the relieved look on Sam’s face as I handed him his ring. I wish all searches could be this easy.

The searches we do where the ring or other sentimental metallic item is not found can take hours with several attempts. The reality is that sometimes the lost item is not where it is thought to be lost. 

I often say it’s like winning the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. 

Likewise, You can’t find the ring if you don’t search for it with the best equipment and a person that is experienced using those detectors,



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