Lost Wedding Ring in Sand at Santa Monica,CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Jenifer had taken her wedding ring off while playing volleyball at Santa Monica Beach, CA. She set it on her cellphone which was on her towel and jacket. Later in the day she moved her belongings over three volleyball courts west. As she and her husband were leaving the beach she realized the ring was missing. They had spent a couple hours with their friends searching with their hands.

Jenifer called me the next morning asking for help. It was a difficult drive because of several accidents on the freeway. She was able to meet me and we went over to the volleyball courts. We started at the first place she had laid her belongings figuring the ring fell in the sand when she had picked up her towel and jacket. No ring there, so I grid search her path to the third volleyball court. It was not looking good and we had only a small area where she had moved her towel and jacket. 

A couple swings with my detector and I got that sweet tone of gold in my earphones. I could see that Jenifer was losing confidence that her ring would be found, so I told her this had to be her ring as I dug it out of the sand. I let her pick it out of the scoop as her face lit up with a big smile. It gets crazy when you are doing a search and you are running out of places to search. 

Jenifer was reunited with her wedding ring and able to get on her way to other commitments she had made for the day..

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