Tahoe Just Keeps giving

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

I was called at 6 am by Tash from Ca….she was at Lake Tahoe and had just lost her diamond engagement ring. I couldnt go so called my buddy Mike L…he made the hour trip to Tahoe and it took him about 10 min to find Tash’s ring. He’s awesome. Smiling faces all the way around. Thanks Mike, great job.


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  1. Sorry, don’t see anything to post. I’m probably missing it right under my nose.


    I cannot recommend ring finders enough! Sharons associate Mike found my ring within 10 minutes after I spent over 2 hours of searching in the sand. I am so grateful!

    1. Thanks Tash….was a pleasure working with you.Glad Mike found it, I knew he would.

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