Wedding Ring Found In Car, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Lauren was fiddling with her wedding ring in her car when she lost her grip on it and heard it hit something in the front of the car. When she looked for it later she could not find it anywhere and spent over an hour checking every nook and cranny she could. A friend’s husband then spent a further two hours looking for it, also without any joy. In desperation as Lauren didn’t want her husband to know she’d lost it she consulted uncle google and found my service and gave me a call.

I organised for Lauren to bring the car to me the next day so I could find and retrieve the ring for her. Initially I used a fiber optic camera to inspect all areas but when that didn’t work I removed the drivers seat and the center console. When I again used the camera to look between the carpet and the floor pan there it was on the screen, Lauren’s white gold wedding ring shinning brightly in the cameras led light.

After showing Lauren where the ring was lodged with the camera I bent a small hook in the end of a straightened wire coat hanger which I inserted between the carpet and the floor pan until I could see the hook end on the camera screen. I then carefully  pushed the wire under the edge of the ring, twisted the wire 90 degrees to hook the ring and slowly withdrew the wire and ring from it’s hiding place. To say Lauren was relieved would be an understatement. After showering me with thanks she drove home with her wedding ring back on her finger and her husband none the wiser! – Finding lost jewellery, lost smiles and preventing explanations!

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Now I need that camera for my arsenal. Good job.

    1. Sean says:

      Cheers greg. Yeah don’t need it often but it is great for drains and cars and checking your fillings!!
      Good science to you out there greg..

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