Engagement Ring Found Under Patio Deck, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Ring swallowing timber deck!

Portia called to ask my help in finding her wedding band. She knew where she had lost it but had already hired a metal detector only to find it had just beeped at her husband constantly due to all the bits of wire, screws and nails etc under their deck.

Portia’s all smiles again..


I said no problem and arranged a time to visit her and search for it. I had to lay on my stomach and squeeze myself forward under the decking and quickly realised a full size detector was not suitable due to the amount of metal rubbish under the deck. This was a job for my trusty pinpointer and after thinking about the possible physics involved as the ring had come through the decking I decided on one corner being the most likely place it would be. About five minutes later I yelled, “Yes, I’ve found it!” from under the deck. Portia said her husband had been under there for over an hour and couldn’t believe I found it so quickly.. as you can see in the photo Portia is all smiles again..

Love what I do..

2 Replies to “Engagement Ring Found Under Patio Deck, Perth, Western Australia.”

  1. Ken Dewerson says:

    Sean, Good job, the things we do sometimes do test us. Glad you love what you do.

  2. Sean says:

    Cheers Ken. If they were all easy peasy it would soon get boring wouldn’t it?

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