Wireless Ear Bud Lost In Construction Site Found, Como, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

The missing one..

Cam seemed pleased..

Cam called to ask if I could help find his wireless earbuds on a construction site. I said maaaybe! Obviously modern commercial construction sites are full of metal and are about as dynamic as a storm washed beach.  I asked him to send a pic of the site and man, it looked tough. Never one to shirk a challenge I set off to have a go despite my fears and met Cam at the gate to the site a short time later.

He had been on and off a small excavator working on some plumbing thingy with an armarda of pipes connecting to it in a deep hole. Somewhere in his work area should be some a wireless earphone, but where? Murphys law says they’re sitting right above one of those pipes I joked, but inwardly I knew it was a real possibility and that wasn’t good. Large mass deep metal objects can make detecting small objects closer to the surface nearly impossible as the larger metal item ‘masks’ the smaller closer one you are looking for. As he’d also been up and down the steep sand sides of the hole that would also be difficult to detect and if he’d lost them there he easily could have trod them in a fair ways.

I bagan to methodically search the work area encountering all manner of large buried metal and junk. I had searched most of the area and was about to ask him to shift the excavator incase it was under that as it was the only area left to check when just a few meters from it I heard a signal that sounded good. Checking the target I.D on my detector I saw the same id I’d got when I’d scanned the one earbud he’d not lost and my heart quickened as I thought “please, please, please be it”. Cam had sauntered over to see what it was and as I lifted it from the sand we both saw what we’d hoped we might, the awol earbud. Cam beamed from ear to ear and said “mate, what a legend” I think I said “all in a days work mate, I mean an hour or so!”

Cam was late to be at another site by now so there wasn’t time for any great fanfare over the recovery, so we quickly took a few pics and said all the best to each other. Despite that it was as rewarding as ever to see yet another happy ending unfold for someone.

Alright, alright, calm down, keep your nickers on.. who’s next?

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