Sentimental Engagement Ring Found, Wembly Downs, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

As she regularly does, Glenys had been providing care at a home in Wembly Downs one morning but when she got to her car in the driveway with an armload of stuff including her 3 rings, she noticed one of them in the drivers floorpan of her car. She immediately set about finding the others before driving home. She was able to find another of her rings under the drivers seat but not her precious engagement ring.

The little rascal

Earlier she had taken her rings off inside the home to put on gloves and do some cleaning. That was the last time she had seen all three. After several re-checks of the car, house and driveway and not finding it she had consulted uncle google for help. Uncle google found my website where she found my phone number.

I met Glenys in the driveway the next day and had her show me where the car had been parked. There was a slight 3-5 degree slope to the passenger door side of the driveway which ends in a low bushy garden (the lower end of the garden can be seen in the background of the photo of Glenys with her ring). I asked if she had checked the garden edge on the downward side which she had not so I decided to start there as I thought of the physics in the dropping of the two found rings and thought it plausable that if the engagement ring was lost at the same time it could have missed the door frame/seat and run?/rolled/bounced its way under the car to end up in the garden on the other side of the driveway.

Nope, it wasn’t there so I then detected the upper side garden edge from the letter box up toward the door. Unfortunately there was a good amount of accumulated metal rubbish in both gardens so this took quite awhile to work through. I really hoped I’d find it outside as house searches are a different kettle of fish and rather invasive by nature, especially if it’s not their house!

Just outside the front door to the house was a group of potplants in the top corner of the garden. Due to how they were placed I was unable

Happy happy happy..

to effectively detect this area with my metal detector so I put it down and turned on my handheld pinpointer and began poking it in and around the pots when BEEP! Beep, beep, BEEEEEP my pinpointer alerted me to the presence of metal! Kneeling down to look between two pots there it was, diamond glittering. It must have fallen from her arms as she stepped into the driveway, coming to rest just out of sight at the base of one of the pot’s. I yelled “found it” and moments later Glenys stared at me in disbelief as I held her ring in my hand.

I grinned as I handed it to her and said “now do let me know if you’d like that wedding ring found!”

During this search I learned that Glenys had also lost her wedding ring at her home many years ago, but hopefully thats a story for another day..


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